Grounds for Coffee is a Mount Barker institution. Located on the Adelaide Hills town’s historic main street, this bustling little café has been a favourite local haunt for the district’s most discerning coffee aficionados for the past 13 years.

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Every busy hospitality business has to regularly maintain and upgrade their kitchen facilities and Grounds for Coffee is no different. But as all coffee lovers know, you shouldn’t get between anyone and their morning coffee. However, not long ago, Jim realised he needed a new range hood and flue in the kitchen. The last thing he wanted was for its installation to mean he had to shut the doors to the café or get in the way of providing his customers with the delicious culinary delights they’d come to expect.

He needed the job done quickly and done right, the first time. This was obviously a job for Skilled Hands.

A couple of days after receiving Jim’s call, Shane was in the kitchen – thankfully not cooking the lunches – measuring the space above the stove and drawing up a list of materials. He left, takeaway coffee in hand, but was back soon afterwards, at a time more convenient to Jim and the Grounds for Coffee crew, with everything he needed to get the range hood installed.

It was a tricky job, as anything that involves mucking around in the ceiling of an old building usually is. But in his usual flexible and efficient manner, Shane quickly had the hood installed and functioning so that the café’s next breakfast service wasn’t interrupted.

Adelaide Hills small business

There were smiles all-round; nobody went without their coffee, Jim’s regulars left the café full and contented and the kitchen crew had a shiny new range hood to extract all the hot air and cooking fumes from their workspace. All thanks to Shane’s Skilled Hands.

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